Why Dirk?

Because I know what I’m doing and I’m good at it!

I’m a native German speaker

I lived and worked for 33 years in Germany. But I not only speak German I’m also very familiar with different registers of the language.

I’m an expert in diving (and related) terminology

My professional education has been in German (Divemaster) and English (IDC).
I actively teach all standard PADI courses and 10 specialties in both languages.

Highest quality

I consider two aspects when translating: What is being said and how it’s said. So it’s not only about translating the right words but also to get the tone right. Because what you say is just as important as how you say it. Making sure the translation sounds natural to your target audience because divers are not a homogenous group. So whether your customers are ‘luxury’ divers or backpackers I’ll make sure to strike the right note.


I guess I’m very German when it comes to rules: I like them and I think they should be followed. For me that’s as true for “don’t hold your breath while diving” as for typographic rules. For example standard German uses „ and “ as quotation marks instead of “ and ”. Something not many translators seem to know or care about.

WordPress ready

You can leave all wordpress formatting in the source text (including pictures and their alt-texts) and I’ll translate around it. Thus you will end up with a ready-to-post text without the need to format a post in a foreign language.

My prices are competetive

As I’m location independent I can sustain a great standard of living with less money that someone based in Germany.

You can pay me in dives

Last but not least you can pay me in dives. If you are a dive center on my travel route you can pay me partly in dive vouchers. See Rates and Payments for details.